Paper instructions:

Kimberly High School English 101 Scoring Sheet – “Zombie Apocalypse”
Criteria Things to Improve (fix if circled) Score/Comments
Introduction • Introduces topic
• Introduces scenario
• Contains clear thesis (overall strategy)
Outside sources • At least 2 quotes are used correctly
• Other sources are appropriately summarized
and paraphrased
• In text citations are included
• Significance of evidence is explained
• Sources are appropriate to context.
• Signal phrases (tag) used
Transitions • Transitions are used to connect paragraphs
and ideas
• Transitions show relationships between
Strategy • Strategy is well thought out
• Major concerns are covered
• Contingencies’ are addressed
Refutation • Opposing arguments are acknowledged
• Opposing arguments are addressed
• Author anticipates readers’ concerns
Conclusion • Contains strong concluding statement
• Culminates argument
• Leaves takeaway for reader
MLA formatting • Name, page number
• Header
• Title
• Font
• Spacing
Works Cited • Formatted correctly
• Punctuated correctly
• Complete
• Alphabetical order
Grammar and mechanics • Grammar and mechanics do not disrupt
flow or clarity of the paper.
• Varied sentence length, structure

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