Students are required to complete the case “Your Turn: Climb the Legal Ladder” on page 201 of the textbook. The submitted case must resemble that of a research paper, to include a cover page, abstract, and the necessary reference page.  Additionally, the case analysis must include a summary of the case, terms and concepts to demonstrate mastery of the issue in the case, outside research to bring depth and breadth to the case.  Students must also incorporate the answers to the case questions.  The submitted case analysis must be in compliance with APA.  The body of the case analysis must be at least four pages, excluding the cover, abstract and reference page.  The case analysis must be of substance reflecting analysis work and supportive research of at least two outside resources.  The case analysis will not only be graded for content and correct responses, but also grammar.  All cases are to be submitted to the SafeAssignments on Blackboard.

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