Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on training and intervention program. &nbsp.The lives of children in today’s society are highly influenced by the settings in which those children stay. In most cases, children have been found to exhibit psychological disorders, most of which emanate from environmental settings in which those children are based. It is also important to take into consideration the fact that ignorance has played a huge part in leading most of our society’s young generation astray (O’ Connor, 2006).&nbsp.

Everyone understands that today’s society needs more information than most other things in life. As a result, most parents have put their children to study more frequently lest those children are left behind when it comes into possession of information.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on training and intervention program.
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Furthermore, socially immature individuals enjoy independence in whatever they do. A good example in today’s society is most computer geeks who would rather spend the whole of their lives interacting with computers than with people (Meisels, & Shonkoff, 2000). Social immaturity is more severe when the individual is forced to act in a manner that does not fit them.

In this case study, there is an example of a teenager named Jay who feels suppressed and oppressed by his single parent (father) to do college courses that he seems not to be interested in. All decisions in Jay’s life lie with the father- even those that are as simple as making friends. Jay’s father who happens to be a professional play a huge role in the social development of&nbsp.Jay. In addition, it is evident from the case study that Jay is missing the mother figure in his life. As a result, Jay grows to be an individual who not only hates himself but also other people. The oppression and suppression experienced by Jay have also proven unhelpful to Jay’s course work as he thinks that the courses, some of which are mocking his own personal life. Jay’s performances deteriorate (Berns, 2013). It is, however, good to notice that jay has resources such as school around him. Jay is as well open to adventuring into other activities such as volunteering if only he had the support of his father.

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