Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on theories and models of reflection. The more information I can gather from different sources the more able I am to identify, dispel, or dilute any pre-held assumptions that I harbour. People will always have prejudices or pre-judgments because we are the sum of our own experiences. The human brain operates a grouping system in an attempt to simplify the enormous amount of information going in. Even if you have exactly the same stimuli or incoming information, everybody would perceive it differently. Therefore, it is essential to remember that my view is exactly and only that. Brookfield (1995), suggests that reflection and evaluation are best approached through a four-lens approach:

If I can learn to look at my own practice through these four different lenses, I can continually improve as a teacher. Self-reflection is a really important skill to master in order to be able to develop and grow into my role. If you do not reflect, you could continue with a poor practice cycle for years. Reflection is not just about reflecting back. it is also important to reflect forwards on what I can change or improve for future lessons? I believe that it is helpful to simply ask yourself why. Why did I think or do that? Why did that happen? Just asking these questions encourages you to dig deeper and to challenge previously held thoughts and beliefs. In order to be able to reflect you have to be actively seeking /open to receiving feedback, both positive and negative. I can ask my learners to fill out response sheets and encourage them to verbally feedback in class, in an attempt to try to see myself through their eyes. For that to work properly I must create a culture of trust within my class so that they feel safe to critique my practice and me. Thus hopefully encouraging them to critique themselves and their peers through the process of modeling. Utilizing every opportunity for feedback from colleagues is also very important. Again, I must make it clear that I regard criticism as a gift encouraging colleagues to help me sculpt my practice into better shape. Dyer considered that if you ‘change the way that you look at things, then the things that you look at will change’.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on theories and models of reflection.
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