Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the isms for mr. manos llewellyn. Likewise, in order to make this system a success for Mr. Manos Llewellyn, it contains five key elements. The first component is CONTROL. The control establishes a framework and distributes responsibilities in order to develop an environment for implementing the ISMS for Mr. Manos Llewellyn. The next key element is PLAN. The Plan defines the service level agreements as per business requirements, the foundation of contracts, operational level agreements, and policy statements for Mr. Manos Llewellyn. All these components included in the planning are based on the requirements of the business. After the completion of control and plan, the next key element is to IMPLEMENT all these components. Implementation involves creating knowledge and consciousness along with categorization and listing of assets. Moreover, personnel security and physical security related to theft are implemented. Likewise, the implementation element also involves security related to network, applications and computing devices. In addition, configuration and management of access rights and contingency planning of security incident processes are also a part of this element. All of the three elements control, plan and implement lays a foundation of a structure for Mr. Manos Llewellyn. After the deployment of the ISMS structure, the next key element is to EVALUATE. The evaluation consists of internal and external auditing of the processes that are implemented in the previous three phases. Moreover, self-assessment is also conducted, along with security incident evaluation. For instance, if there is a breach in security, the security management processes ensure to deal with security incidents. The last key element is to MAINTAIN. This phase frequently monitors processes including security management, new threats, vulnerabilities and risks. These elements do not only monitor these processes but also improve processes where required.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the isms for mr. manos llewellyn.
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