Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the future of education: tablets vs. textbooks by margaret rock. Though a report by FCC had shown that large-scale application of the tablets project would help save $3 billion a year in the educational sector, the author claims that other areas of the infrastructural system, together with the effects the tablets will have on learning and teaching of students were factors to consider before making any decision. Whether this project is adopted in schools or not, the author aims to increase public awareness on different issues that will help make an informed decision.

The text is an argument by Margaret Rock that looks at the advantage and disadvantages of tablet versus textbook use in school. The author seeks to prove the issue of savings alone should not inform the decision to adopt the tablet project. other issues like the ability of the available infrastructure to support the large-scale adoption and the effect the project will have on student knowledge acquisition are also important.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the future of education: tablets vs. textbooks by margaret rock.
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The author is a managing editor of Mobiledia website and a B.A. in English graduate from Loyola University. She draws from both her studies in English and her experience as a reporter and a marketing and public relations specialist to write on matters of how technology affects our daily lives. In this text, the author relies on her own knowledge of technology in addition to other sources like the FCC report and the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt test on algebra to come up with an argument about the factors to consider before the adoption of the tablet project into the educational sector.

The purpose of Margaret Rock’s argument is to present the audience with the analysis of how both the digital and print medium affects education. She attempts to answer some of the pertinent questions that are essential in drawing a conclusion on the benefit of this technology to the education system. She provides evidence-based analytical insights about tablets and improved learning, potential hidden costs due to the implementation of tablet project, savings for schools that can result from the project and the inevitability of tablets finding its way into the education sector.&nbsp.

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