Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on surf culture in the twentieth century. Surf culture has been in existence since the nineteenth century but became more popular in the twentieth century. Surf over several years ago was associated with the quasi-religious practices which highlighted the significance of valuing natural world and the spiritual way of being. It is said that surf culture originated from Hawaii (Taylor 925). This sport was dismissed by the missionaries as it was associated with the laziness of the Hawaiians who could not do any other job but to practice their lifestyle which led to a drop in the number of people surfing. Most of these individuals who value surfing are found living along the coast. It was until the late 20th century when female beings in the community fully ventured into the activity (McGloin 79). Surfing is a sporting activity which has influenced the lives of several people in the United States. Surfing is not only a culture exclusive to one community but is appreciated globally in running marketing promotions, sporting, tourism and for scenic and aesthetic attractions (Taylor 928). Surfing has been associated with economic development in the United States of America. its contribution to the economy through tourism, commercial industry and as sporting activities. Surfing as a sporting activity in the United States of America has been upheld and upgraded in that it is being held annually. People have a chance to expose their talent which they had not been able to through other activities. It is a very relaxing activity which anybody can take part in as long as the individual has the passion and interest for it.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on surf culture in the twentieth century.
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