Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on social and ethical effects of internet access. According to the author, by the year 2000, almost half of the American community had access to the internet compared to other countries on other continents around the world where only a few people had access to the internet by the year 2000. Globally, about 400 million people had access and used the internet with the wealthy countries leading in numbers followed by the middle economy countries. The poor countries, especially the third world countries had little or even no access to the internet. According to Lee, North America had the highest access to the internet while South America, Africa, and Asia had little access to the internet.

The author argues that many internet users access the internet with the help of broadband, which can be either a fixed connection or a wireless network. The fixed connection can be used in offices or even at homes while the wireless connections can be used by gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets. He further argues that fixed connections are more efficient in streaming movies and videos compared to wireless connections, which are usually less effective. In developed nations such as the U.S., Canada, and the UK, both fixed and wireless connections are common because these countries installed fixed connections before the discovery of the wireless connections.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on social and ethical effects of internet access.
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Lee further states that by 2012, many people around had access to the mobile internet with many users being in the African and other third world countries where there is little availability of the fixed connections. For instance, Egypt, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, South Africa, and Nigeria use the mobile internet access more because it is affordable and accessible to low-level income such as farmers citizens in these countries because the system benefits them by enabling them to transact any money transfer through the mobile internet access since many do have a privilege to operate a bank account (Lee, 2014).&nbsp.Lee argues that the Internet is mostly preferred because of its speed to respond to commands.

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