Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on significances of parking reform towards urban planning. In the previously mentioned article, Shoup (2011) highlighted the fact that in the major cities of the world, car parking is one of the vital requirements of daily life. In this situation, the rate of car parking must be appropriate for the people to make it more convenient for them and to encourage them to abide by the parking rules established in the region. While the prevalent picture of the parking charges within the US has been contrary to the raised concern, with high parking rent charged by the authorities, resulting in the unequal distribution of parked cars in different blocks (according to their different parking charges).

Accordingly, Shoup (2011) was of the view that increasing car-parking rent might cause severe harm to society in the long-run. This statement can be explained with the help of an example. If the authority of a shopping mall is charging the too high price of car parking rent, it is quite possible that the volume of customers visiting the mall will gradually shrink due to the inconvenience or they will aim at parking their cars in some other place to avoid high parking charges. Thus, a high risk prevails that there will be a huge loss of income in the shopping malls, which will lead to the non-payment of tax revenue to the city’s local authority. The other noticeable content of the article can be termed as that the concept of free parking, which has been attributed to providing considerable economic advantages to the local taxi drivers along with contributing to the economic development of the region on the whole by Shoup (2011). This statement in Shoup (2011) is agreeable, as the proper parking system will add value to the economic development of the city as well as the nation.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on significances of parking reform towards urban planning.
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Shoup (2011) also highlighted that the cities, which adopt the free parking system, does not essentially aim at raising the amount of corporate revenue of the city. Rather, it is often attributed as beneficial to reduce the traffic congestion on the roads and make the people aware of the needs for a sustainable urban design. Free parking facility also aids in bringing about urbanization within the city, as it has been proved in many of the cities of the US (Levy, 2012).

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