Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on process improvement techniques: a case of radiator and heat exchanger manufacturing company. To be able to deal with any identified variations, the management has to develop proactive strategies. They have to understand and analyze correctly their expected results. This will form the starting point to effectively managing any variations noted. Even by having a predetermined set of results, one should know that there is going to be experienced minimal variations between any two products. The role of any manager is to take the lead in process variation reduction by developing strategies and influencing followers towards the achievement of set objectives. The management is required to collect relevant data and analyze it then make feasible decisions aiming at improving the processes. The team ought to be strong and offer passionate leadership in championing the necessary change. In the long run, the process will improve in terms of consistency, stability, and quality.&nbsp.Variations connote any defects identifiable in production or transactional processes. Quality improvement aims at reducing the defects in output traits. Any manufacturing firm aims at producing products that meet certain performance expectations. This calls them to infuse important quality characteristics on the products. One should set up a control plan and measure quality over a long period of time. It is worth noting that no two single items are similar in all terms even the output of the same process will have minor variations. The techniques employed will be targeting at having the defects near the mean value as closely as possible.&nbsp.In this case, the consultant will be using the six sigma approach to identify and minimize variations. The strategy aims at identifying and eliminating causes of defects in business processes by focusing on outputs that are critical to customers. (B. Tjahjono, 2010) The process aims at producing high quality products and services through self-control mechanisms.&nbsp. In the works of (Uluskan, 2016), one needs to select and adapt those tools among many available that are most suitable and critical in ensuring maintenance of progress in the quality improvement. Furthermore, the success of the strategy is in comprehensive and effective adaptations of these tools.&nbsp.The strategy is continuous throughout the production process.&nbsp. The critical issue is being able to identify the root problem and developing mechanisms to eradicate it. The tools and techniques so selected should at all times guarantee improvement and consistency in product and process quality.&nbsp.Understanding the needs of the customer is necessary in ensuring organizational success. Customers form a key part in the stakeholders of the company. All internal and external customers of the company products ought to be analyzed and strategies employed to improve their experiences. The interviews conducted helps in identifying procedures necessary for improving customer satisfaction and leads to continued quality improvement.&nbsp.(Alexander Sanchez Rodriguez, 2017) Quality needs of customers for the heat exchangers and radiators should be meet effectively through conducting effective customers’ interviews. Good working relationships are going to be guaranteed from the interviews.&nbsp.The strategy will be combined with brainstorming. This is because through brainstorming we are going to improve creativity in the production departments. Customers are going to give us working ways on how we can infuse this creativity in the final product. Brainstorming is also a good strategy in understanding root cause of the problem and also the cause – and – effect relationship in quality management.&nbsp.(Keller, 2011) All these strategies help in analyzing potential causes of poor performance in the organization. It is noted that brainstorming should be a daily process conducted at all levels of the production process. (Keller, 2011) This is because any significant change made will impact in a way to customer satisfaction.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on process improvement techniques: a case of radiator and heat exchanger manufacturing company.
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