Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on internationalization strategy of koyo jeans from hong kong. SWOT analysis of Koyo Jeans provides a summary of central issues from value chains and the strategic abilities of the company. It is imperative to align the company’s strengths and weaknesses to the available opportunities and threats (Caprarescu, Stancu & Aron, 2013, pg. 52). Concerning the strength of this brand, Koyo Jeans built a strong international reputation over a period of ten years. The firm put in place a computer-based system that is advantageous to control and plan inventory as well as order. It is clear that Koyo Jeans built a universal reputation through application for admission to Harbor city, which was an excellent shopping mall. Similarly, the strength of the brand was in the creation of low-end products for wholesale at reduced prices. This enabled the short period of an inventory cycle as well as capital returns. Meanwhile, the high-grade brand created a reputable brand name and clientele loyalty in the long term. Cheung, the owner of Koyo Jeans had a strategy of choosing experienced franchise companies that assured brand quality and reputation.

Concerning the weaknesses, the company lacked adequate skilled personnel about rapid expansion. The limited personnel comprised of regional managers and visual merchandisers. At first, Cheung worked alone to expand the company with many mistakes that saw the company risking losses. However, as the company continued to expand, Jeffrey Yau and Grace Kwok joined the company in 2001. You had studied fashion design and brought in much help to the company ensuring increased expansion. As the company expanded in terms of scale, Yau moved from the design assistant position to the brand manager. Kwok was in charge of all administrative and human resource activities. The second weakness of Koyo Jeans is outsourcing some of its production processes.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on internationalization strategy of koyo jeans from hong kong.
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