Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on emotional intelligence and interactions across cultures. There are three components of cultural intelligence and they are cognitive the physical emotional cultural intelligence. Emotional intelligence presumes the people are familiar with their own culture and that they often unconsciously use familiar situations as a way to interact with other cultures. Cultural intelligence determines a person’s ability to adjust to a new culture thus cultural intelligence.

Cross-culture adjustment is conceptualized as a degree of psychological comfort an expatriate has with the various aspects of a host culture. Work performance standard, job, and supervisory responsibilities.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on emotional intelligence and interactions across cultures.
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An American expatriate manager we know had his cultural intelligence tested while serving on a design team that included two German engineers. As other team members floated their ideas, the engineers condemned them repeatedly as stunted or immature, or worse. The manager concluded that Germans in general are rude and aggressive.

A modicum of cultural intelligence would have helped the American realize he was mistakenly equating the merit of an idea with the merit of the person presenting it and that the Germans were able to make a sharp distinction between the two. A manager with even subtler powers of discernment might have tried to determine how much of the two Germans’ behavior was arguably German and how much was explained by the fact that they were engineers.

Start taking language classes. Though non-verbal communication often transmits a more powerful message than mere words, language skills are greatly beneficial. They help you to be more communicative in everyday life, to access more factual knowledge, and to address misunderstandings more effectively.

Immerse yourself in your new country’s rituals and products. You could, for example, read travel guides on local traditions, cook new recipes, or consume a bit of contemporary pop culture.

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