Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on does the unconscious cognitive affect cognitive activity. Many psychologists have proclaimed that the conscious perceptions are based on the unconscious inferences. In this context, it has also been postulated by many research studies that the conscious mind is not the ultimate source of an individual’s behavior. At times, people respond without being aware of stimuli that are being generated automatically. Certain responses to stimuli affect the decision making and behavior of people one or the other way. Often people perceive different things differently based on the past experiences in which information relating to certain choices or behaviors are processed unconsciously.

Over the years, there have been many arguments prevailing on the existence of unconscious cognitive and its influence on cognitive activity. Consequently, the research paper intends to critically verify the influence of unconscious cognitive over cognitive activity.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on does the unconscious cognitive affect cognitive activity.
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Priming refers to the effect of past information on the perception of subsequent information attainment without the dynamic participation of the perceiving subject. Priming does not involve conscious or explicit actualization but its responses to stimuli with the use of implicit memory (Filippova, 2011). Most of the decision making involved in individual life is a result of unconscious mental activity. Whatever decision an individual makes is the outcome of unconscious activity experienced by an individual brain. In the past years, one of the most interesting and amazing ideas that have evolved in the field of neurological and psychological science is the power and nature of automatic thinking or unconscious response to certain cognitive activity. The unconsciousness of the mind can be viewed as a shadow of the conscious mind that interacts with the conscious mind without being known by an individual (Lau & Passingham, 2007).

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