Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis on the story barn burning by william faulkner. Compelled by his habit, he gets annoyed with De Spain’s attitude and he drops some horse droppings on his very expensive carpet. De Spain asks him to give him 20 bushels of corn against the charge of the rug. Furious, Abner sues him and the court orders to give De Spain 10 bushels of corn instead of 20. Abner still furious decides to set the De Spain’s barn on fire. Sarty stops his father from doing wrong but when he does not listen, he warns De Spain and runs away and never looks back towards his family again (Wilson 434).

The story has been one of the best selling of its time. It was also adapted to a short film in 1980, which was very much loved around the world. The story basically gives the idea of believing in what is right and never standing by lies and falsehood. It is pretty much proven that the Snopes’ family completely relies on each other in right or wrong decisions. The family seems to be living in their own world which is outside society values and even outside the law, rather than on traditional values of right and wrong.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis on the story barn burning by william faulkner.
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Even though it’s your own father, one should stand what is right always even if they are standing alone. Family loyalty is very important but what is more important is that you never give anybody a chance to questions your honesty, integrity, and truthfulness. This will make you away from your family once in a while, but there will come a time when the family will be reunited and you will get the reward of your good deeds.

The story has decently listed characters, the main being the father, Abner Snopes and the son, Sarty Snopes. A peace demanding judge is mentioned twice on different occasions. The first person who complained was named Mr. Harris and the second was the person that was sued who also was the new landlord De Spain. Mentioned only one are Sarty’s mother, his two sisters, his brother, and his aunt. The characters have not been overdone by the writer.

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