Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis of the by ernesto vigil. Reflection Paper Ernesto Vigil has ity and knowledge to write this reading. As a twenty-year old college dropout and draft resistor, the author joined the movement in 1968 after meeting Gonzales, the founder of the movement. The author focuses on fighting against police brutality and racism as experienced by the Mexican Americans. This is relevant since the Crusade for Justice in Colorado started from the brutal and unexplained deaths of Eddie Romeo in 1962 and Alfred Salazar in 1964 caused by Denver Police (Vigil 18-21). Indeed, the author follows a clear order to show the intolerance and police brutality that led to the Crusade for Justice. I support the fight against police brutality and racism on the minority groups in America since the brutality and racism defines unequal treatment. The author shows the impact of Gonzales’ participation in local democratic politics and activist activities (Vigil 56-58). The author shows how federal agents and local police tried to stop the Crusade for Justice (Vigil 59-62).

This relates to the modern liberation movements that face great resistance from the government. Indeed, police fight human rights activists as seen in the recent Arab revolution. People fight against gender, race, ethnic, and sex discrimination through human rights movements like Advocacy for Policy Change, International human rights movement, and Amnesty International that receive support from the United Nations. I have experienced female and international students face discrimination while going for election in student organizations. The audience understands the reading by following how Gonzales led the movement to oppose militancy and police brutality (Vigil 110-109). Apparently, the Crusade for Justice achieved great success despite experiencing many challenges (Vigil 186-192). I feel that the Crusade for Justice is an important movement in American and Mexican American history where the society rose against racial discrimination and police brutality (Vigil 201-209). The reading relates to other materials and course readings that show the challenges and impact of human rights movements.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis of the by ernesto vigil.
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Works Cited

Vigil, Ernesto. The Crusade for Justice: Chicano Militancy and the Governments War on Dissent. Monroe St, Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1999. Print.

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