You will prepare and submit a term paper on Review the books named middlemarch and the surrounded. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. On the other hand, it is an established ideology that literature is the reflection of human life. Therefore, if we take into consideration the two plots inherent in the books, Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life by George Eliot and The Surrounded by William D’Arcy McNickle, we can easily link and trace out the theories outlined in the Aristotelian ethics to probe into the real and inherent meaning and event of a fruitful life and judge the ways justifying the ethical discourses undertaken by various agents within the mentioned story lines. Thesis Statement The essay intends to apply the Aristotle’s theory to Rosamond’s decision to speak to Dorothea in the novel Middlemarch and Catherine’s decision to change her religion in The Surrounded. The essay also intends to focus on the appropriation of the nature of the ethical theories of Aristotle followed through the implementation in the two different situations and characters from two diverse stories. Middlemarch: A Report In the book Middlemarch, Chapter Eighty-One envisages an ethical theory from Aristotle which ponders upon the theories pertaining to ethical dilemma mentioned in the Book VI, Chapter I. The book focuses on the right reasons for acting. However, before implementing the theories of Aristotle propounded upon the agents and situation of the story in Middlemarch, it is very important to comprehend the decision making mechanism operating and depending upon the perception and categorical facts. Aristotle tries to establish a very simple fact in his Book II, Chapter IX regarding the intermediate that focuses on the fact that it is not a very easy task to undertake a middle path or a moderate means. Aristotle propagates that getting angry is very easy. Anyone can get angry, but getting angry with the right person and to the right extent with a proper pace and motif and expressing the anguish in a right way is not an action for everyone, and also everyone will not be able to execute it in the right way. If there are chances of executing wrong anguish, then only by taking control of oneself and one’s own inner conflict and anguish, a person can take control of the right kind of action. Aristotle’s theory can be applied to the action of Dorothea pertaining to his second visit to Rosamond. Dorothea meets the initial requirement of the philosophy propounded by Aristotle. She tries to attain the best kind of life from the very outset of the novel. She also conforms to the view of Aristotle which ponders upon acting from reason. Dorothea maintains rationality in her actions throughout. However, Dorothea is lacking somewhere in the spirit to aim for the best life because she is confused in the methodology of aiming at the actual way for the attainment of a good life overall. Dorothea also failed in following the moderate way of right action or doing things. She could not restrain her inner emotional turbulence from taking over her rationale and ultimately succumbed to a wrong perception regarding the actuality of the situation she is in. Seeing Rosamond and Ladislaw together, Dorothea perceives the situation under a wrong light and battles with her inner turbulence. As mentioned in the novel as well, Dorothea tries to confirm the third statement, as suggested by Aristotle, conforming to the ways to win over one’s inner emotions.

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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Review the books named middlemarch and the surrounded. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length.
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