You will be writing about one local issue (San Diego, California), to write about in a six-eight page, research-based, persuasive essay. In addition to devising an arguable claim, you will convince your readers to take some type of action (this is where the “proposal” aspect comes into play). It is vital to choose a subject that you find interesting, but keep an open mind while you’re doing your research. Your essay must have at least six credible/reliable sourcesMLA formatYou must include at least one article from an electronic databaseYou can use magazines (e.g. Time, Rolling Stone, GQ) and newspapers (e.g. San Diego Union Tribune, New York Times) **the web sites are fine, of course should also consider contacting people by telephone or email. If you need help formulating questions or with anything else, please let me knowYou could also do a survey and analyze the dataWhile you need to localize your topic, you can always use more national and general sources to give background or history about a topic or as a comparison/contrast to what is happening locally. For example, let’s say you are writing about homelessness in San Diego, you could read about what other cities such as Chicago or New York are doing to help with this issue. ..

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You will be writing about one local issue (San Diego, Calif
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