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I would like you to write an internship report on me working for an international shipping company based in UAE-Dubai.

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Write an Internship report on me Working for an International Shipping Company based in UAE-Dubai
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Obviously, I would like you to make up the work and projects that I have done during my 4-month Internship at the shipping company.

– You would need to make up projects and all of the work that is related to shipping and digital transformation
– Connect the work and projects that I would be working on during the internship with the modules that I have studied in my major
– Bring up suggestions and ideas on how to improve the shipping company work method by using new innovative technologies like AI, big data and machine learning,,, etc.
-You would need to imagine and write an internship report as telling a story of my whole journey at the company.

All of the necessary structure details on how to write the report can be seen in the attachment I have attached to how the report should be done in detail.

There is no wrong way of doing it since you would write it from scratch but you would need to follow the report structure please as I have attached it.


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