Write a research essay, formatted in APA (7th edition), on the following:

What are the implications of Indigenous ways of knowing, in light of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, for the practice of kinesiology, physical education, and recreation management?

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Write a research essay, formatted in APA (7th edition), on the following: What are the implications of Indigenous ways of knowing, in light of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commi
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Answer this question in relation to at least one (and can be two or all three) of these fields (e.g., kinesiology, physical education, and/or recreation management) in a research essay that includes these elements:

·       Introduction (2 marks) – 2 paragraphs maximumAssessed for engaging the reader, clearly stating the topic of the essay, clearly articulating a thesis statement, and signposting the organization of the essay

·       Literature review (5 marks) – 1-1.5 pages maximumAssessed for how well literature is summarized and synthesized

·       Body (10 marks) – 3-4 pages maximumAssessed based upon the:- clarity and organization of the main body of the essay- marshalling of evidence in support of the thesis of the essay- use of topic sentences and transitions

·       Conclusion (2 marks) – 2 paragraphs maximumAssessed based on the summary of the central argument, the summary of the evidence marshalled in support of it, and an indication of any implications of these conclusions

·       References (3 marks)0.5-mark deduction for each error in APA formatting of citations

·       Overall APA formatting (including title page) and grammar/spelling/syntax (3 marks)0.5-mark deduction for each error in APA formatting and/or errors of grammar/spelling/syntax

Your essay:

·       Should not exceed six (6) pages (double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font), plus title page and references page (0.5 marks will be deducted for every 100 words over the 6-page limit);

·       Should be formatted according to APA, 7th edition;

·       Should be based upon a plan or outline that you develop before you begin writing (refer to lecture notes and required readings where this was discussed) – this does not need to be submitted with your essay;

·       Can utilize any (and more than one, if you choose) of these essay styles — argumentative, comparative/evaluative, or descriptive — which were discussed in the course content, provided your essay addresses the question;

·       May include sub-headings (but these are not required) – any sub-headings used should conform to APA style;

·       May include additional peer-reviewed research beyond that provided below (but you are not required to do additional research and will not be penalized for only using the literature provided)

·       Should use the title “KPER 2120 final examination essay question.”


Below are four research articles that are useful in addressing the essay question. Your essay must make use of at least three of these articles in the review of literature (and can include all four). You may also include additional peer-reviewed research and the course readings for Unit 11, but are not required to do so. (Articles are attached)

·       Author(s):  Karen Fox

Title: Leisure and Indigenous Peoples

Volume: 25

Number: 4

Year: 2006

Pages 403-409https://doi.org/10.1080/02614360600896502

·       Author(s):  Lauren A. Brooks-Cleator, Audrey R. Giles

Title: Culturally Relevant Physical Activity through Elders in Motion: Physical Activity Programming for Older Aboriginal Adults in Northwest Territories, Canada

Journal: Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology

Volume: 31

Number: 4

Year: 2016

Pages 449-470


·       Author(s): LeAnne Petherick

Title: Race and culture in the secondary school health and physical education curriculum in Ontario, Canada: A critical reading

Journal: Health Education

Volume: 118

Number: 2

Year: 2018

Pages 144-158https://doi-org.uml.idm.oclc.org/10.1108/HE-11-2016-0059

·       Author(s): Julia S. Frigault, Audrey R. Giles

Title: Culturally Safe Falls Prevention Program for Inuvialuit Elders in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada: Considerations for Development and Implementation

Journal: Canadian Journal on Aging

Volume: 39

Number: 2

Year: 2020

Pages 190-205


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