Write a 8 pages paper on timothy findley’s the wars and shakespeare’s king lear. The novel took off as Robert finds himself to be enlisted in the War. In his time in war, he has encountered different animals that seem to warn him about dangers. On the early part of the story Robert was portrayed as someone who was quite skeptic about the purpose of the war.

This scenario was what have mainly trigger Robert into coming to War or becoming a soldier, his sister Rowena had died and he would like to leave all of her memory behind, nonetheless, it seems that he was always hunted by her memories. These memories are the same memories that he associate with animals. Robert was always curios about how animals behaved. He often found comfort in the ways of living made by animals than the ways of man.

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Write a 8 pages paper on timothy findley’s the wars and shakespeare’s king lear.
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In a prairie, he saw a coyote and followed it up until the river bank. There Robert had realized the differences between man and animals lies on the hunger of man to dominate everything beyond him. According to his observation, animals do not destroy entirely or live their enemies devastated. Animals do not try to manipulate other beings and do not use others to pursue a certain end. Man on the other hand is well known to display this character.

When they try to dominate others they do so with brisk force and destruction. According to Robert animals just take what they need but they do not take and devastate anything more than what they actually need.

On another instance Robert was seemingly directed by the omens that are shown by different kinds of birds. This somehow shows that animals does not want to harm humans and are actually friendly creatures. It also portrays the way humans disregard other creatures and their importance.

Towards the end of the novel, the main character had a realization concerning the fact that human beings are the cause of their own sufferings and misfortunes. To add, they also cause misfortunes and harm to other beings such as plants and animals.

At the end, Robert died while trying to protect a group of horse in a stable. They died from fire. Unfortunately Robert’s life and the life of the horses that he protects both died because of his fellow human’s cruelty.

The novel shows the close connection as displayed by Robert with other animals. Somehow, it could be reflected that the author is trying to show the similarity between the animals and their human counterparts along with the differences between them.

The novel contradicts the common notion regarding animal behavior, while animals are often seen as wild and ferocious, the novel tries to bring out the kind character or the good character of animals. Upon reading the novel, one could depict that what bad attributes man gives to animals are actually the same attributes that man possess.

As far as being human is concern, there are several instances where one would find himself hating to be dominated by other people, what more by other animals. Humans are proud about their capacity to reason and to dictate their surroundings. The earth is now dominated with several manmade objects that are mostly unnatural.

In the story The Wars, Findley have been successful in demonstrating how humans sought to conquer every place they foot on.

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