Write a 8 pages paper on the health needs of gipsy and traveller community in the uk. &nbsp.The report states that Gypsies and Travellers have poorer health than the general UK population and other deprived groups. They have high mortality rates and low life expectancy. These communities also experience high rates of mental illnesses, chronic diseases, and maternal related health diseases. The report concludes that these problems are caused by the government’s negligence, their culture, their ways of life, and the nature of their interaction with health care providers.&nbsp. The report recommends that the government should give more consideration of these communities when making health-related policies. The communities should also be sensitized of the health risks that they face. The report also recommends that the living conditions of these communities are improved. They should also be encouraged to adopt permanent settlement.

Gipsies and Travellers refer to the communities in the United Kingdom who lead a nomadic lifestyle. As nomads, they are expected to face various health threats in their daily lives. Some of the health problems that they experience are even intensified by their way of life. There are very many ways in which the health problems that they face are different from those faced by the general population (Cemlyn, Greenfields, Burnett, Matthews and Whitwell 2011, p.97). This can be a result of various factors. This makes it necessary for research to be carried out to look at the various health problems that are faced by these communities. This report is based on research that was carried out to find out the actual health problems that gipsies and travellers face in their daily lives.

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Write a 8 pages paper on the health needs of gipsy and traveller community in the uk.
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There are various factors that are believed to contribute to the various health problems that Gypsies and Travellers face in the United Kingdom. These factors include their culture. Culture can affect how people from certain communities respond to health care services. It also affects how communities view health care services. The problems can also be attributed to by their way of life. Being nomads, they are likely to face certain health risks that are not faced by the general population. The conditions of the sites that they live in might also be a cause of some of their health. This would be in consideration of factors such as hygiene, access to clean waters, and sanitation.

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