Write a 7 pages paper on saudi arabia internet technology and telecommunications industry analysis. Saudi Arabia’s software and telecommunication Industry has weaknesses and strengths. There are possible opportunities in Saudi Arabians IT and telecommunication industry particularly with the wireless communications though there are barriers to its expansion. Complicated bands of telecommunications have been restricted to defense and aviation programs though it is anticipated that the government will ultimately free this authority. The launch of GSM has shown the possibility of privatization and consequent expansion of broadband service available for the wireless (Al-alibi and Al-Allak 76).

Saudi Arabia has key pillars that are quite promising in shaping the next growth sectors in the technology field. The youth favoring the population of Saudi Arabia shows high potentials for future technological growth. Youth can be perceived as the drivers of telecom development as they possess the prime purchasing power of technological products and services. This pillar continues to be the motivating factor for the telecom industry hence the economy of Saudi Arabia (Jasimuddin 60). The mobile operators have on their side been providing services that favor the youth or target the youth segment as their possible clients.

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Write a 7 pages paper on saudi arabia internet technology and telecommunications industry analysis.
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In Saudi Arabia, there has been a surge in the internet consumption. This has tripled in the past four years and is expected to be on the rising side in the future. It can be attributed to public awareness of the effectiveness of software (Desai 249). The availability of cheap private computers and a fast broadband server have been a catalyst for technological advancement. The inception of the smartphone and other technical devices in Saudi Arabia has been a big step made in the technological arena. Since the launch of iPad, blackberry, N-series, there has been a stiff competition in the research field trying to innovate the much current appliance.

The graph below shows the development of the industry following the launch of four commercial networks (Zain Saudi, STC, Mobily, and UAE).

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