Write a 3 pages paper on western worldview on environment. For example, greenhouse gases that diminish the ozone affect the weather system which in turn affects the lives and homes of people. A hurricane can put out electrical power for several weeks leaving thousands without the ability to heat their homes, store food, and function in the ways they have become accustomed to. People need to stop thinking of only themselves and realize that each one of us is a part of a larger whole. To that whole we each have a responsibility as a member, but it also may turn out that by being environmentally conscious our own lives are also improved. One part of subscribing to the western worldview is the expectation of acquisition. One is reminded of this expectation especially at this time of year when the dominant image is of shopping and acquiring goods. At one time I subscribed to the idea that buying stuff was good: good for me who got stuff, and good for the economy because it helped to keep jobs and move money around. When the economy recently slowed down, I heard a lot of people talking about getting by with less by recycling and reusing. I started thinking of ways I could participate. Chris Johnstone of the Deep Ecology Institute explains it as “a holistic approach to facing world problems that brings together thinking, feeling, spirituality and action. It involves moving beyond the individualism of Western culture towards also seeing ourselves as part of the earth. This leads to a deeper connection with life, where Ecology is not just seen as something ‘out there’, but something we are part of and have a role to play in” (Johnstone). Reusing and/or recycling as a system depends upon and affects the economy as a system and so forth. Admittedly my motive was to save money, but that motive grew as I started thinking of ways to stretch my dollar by being environmentally savvy. For instance, I found out that I actually prefer to wear jeans dried on the clothes line over jeans dried in an electric dryer. However, when I have to use my dryer, I leave the kitchen door open so it helps to heat my kitchen. I also cut down on the use of both my washer and my dryer by wearing my jeans more than once before I wash them. Besides saving money and energy using my dryer and my clothes line, I also stopped driving my car to the store and started riding my bicycle. I have to make more trips more often, but I am not using an energy source other than the one I generate, and by moving about under my own steam instead of some dead dinosaur’s, I am improving my health and my physical appearance. So, the health of the earth’s inhabitants as a system depends upon the environmental system. Last year I started a compost pile in my yard, so when spring rolled around I had some free fertilizer which I added to some dirt. Then I planted tomatoes, green beans, and some peppers in the pile of dirt and compost. I got to eat fresh veggies all summer. Again my health is improved by improving the soil (the earth) and the interrelated systems of the natural world demonstrate dependence on each other. Some people believe that they are excluded from being a part of the whole when it comes to environmental consciousness. These people are Christians. As a child I was taught that Jesus was going to return to earth and take all the believers to heaven with him. This was supposed to happen at any moment, so there was no reason for preserving the natural resources because the world would not be around much longer. I no longer believe that, but many people do and that causes these people to discount the importance of preserving the environment.

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Write a 3 pages paper on western worldview on environment. For example, greenhouse gases that diminish the ozone affect the weather system which in turn affects the lives and homes of people. A hurric
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