Write a 2 pages paper on throw away all fears except the fear of god. THROW AWAY ALL FEARS EXCEPT THE FEAR OF GOD The moment I started caring for others, such as my relatives and friends, the complexities of my simple life never ceased. It is difficult for me to be happy when I see the people I care for are in dire need or in ugly situations. I cannot bear to see them beset with problems, and every time I see them in a crisis, I am compelled to do something for them. Oftentimes, their problems have something to do with money. Any amount left in my wallet, I had to share half of it. Until I came to a point when even the money I needed, I shared. So how else could I have coped, but by borrowing, until my finances had become negative. I actually hated myself for this, but I just could not help myself being what I am, a silly fool perhaps to others, but for me, I am just doing my best to live up to God’s expectations.

In a span of twenty years, I helped my sister pay her debts, I rescued my brother, also from his debts, I made his children my scholars, one in high school and one in college, taking up Nursing, I loaned two friends to the tune of $14,000.00, and I had not been paid up to now, I contributed in the weekly dialysis of my brother for almost two years, and many more dole-outs, that I should say, they are countless. The bottom line is, my total debt had reached a staggering high of 50 thousand Dollars, which I figured, were already impossible to erase, considering I have no extra income, and the value of the assets that I had acquired is not even close to 30 thousand Dollars. My faith in the Good Lord Jesus Christ kept me going. Every night I still get a restful sleep, because I believe tomorrow is another day. The only process I have used, to deal with the most difficult situation in my life was to throw away all my fears, except my fear of hurting my God. When we truly understand how much God loves us, what can we be possibly afraid of? For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7, NLT).

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Write a 2 pages paper on throw away all fears except the fear of god. THROW AWAY ALL FEARS EXCEPT THE FEAR OF GOD The moment I started caring for others, such as my relatives and friends, the complexi
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When I said I should not be afraid, I meant there must be solutions to all our problems. I had to throw away my fear of facing my problem After having decided to throw away my fear of not being able to pay everyone, I resolved to change. I realized that I can always help people, if not financially, then in other ways, such as spending time to listen to their worries and help them find solutions. I can still prove to my God that He can use me to bring about His Glory to everyone. I managed not to add anymore to my debts that had accumulated over the years. After all, it is a matter of attitude, and our attitude control our lives. Attitude are a secret power working twenty four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force (Tom Blandi, 2007).

To throw away fear is easier said than done, but with daily prayers to the Good Lord, it is indeed easy. I pray on my knees when I wake up and before I go to sleep, then, I get excited to experience the miracles that God will be proudly showing me for the day. I never allow depression to set in, or else it is like coming to a dead end, then life holds no meaning anymore. As long as I trust in God, there is always HOPE, and hope is the ultimate gift I can give myself, for it is in having hope in Jesus Christ that I can counter balance the numbing fear and anxiety I may feel in times of crisis. Only recently, I can prove that my persistency in my trust in God is paying off. A couple approached me because they want to sell their fifty-hectare property. Somehow, I convinced my employer to meet them, and I convinced the couple that maybe, Joint Venture will be a better option. After three meetings, the transaction was consummated, and I stand to gain millions. What just happened in my life is another miracle from the Good Lord Jesus Christ, so, my process is the best . . . throw away all your fears, except your fear to hurt God.


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