Write a 2 pages paper on reasons why smoking should be prohibited. Your first and (your (your Three Reasons Why Smoking Should Be Prohibited Smoking has been a part of American society from a long time ago. When the government introduced the cigarette to military personnel during World War I, it started an addiction that has not been deterred by the introduction of taxes, government warnings or graphic pictures in cigarette packaging. Although there is an obvious demand for smoking, the activity should be prohibited because it encourages wasteful spending and has proven unhealthy effects for the smoker and those around him.

The first reason smoking should be prohibited by the government is for health reasons of the smoker. Numerous studies show that smoking has so many negative effects on a smoker’s body. “The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that about five million deaths are caused by smoking.” (McNair, T., 2011) “A survey of 2092 adults on beliefs about the impact of smoking on their health showed that most of the respondents knew they could get lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease from it.” (Browson, R., Jackson-Thompson, J., Wilkerson, J., et. al., 1992) Although smoking is not the direct reason for the loss of family members and friends, the diseases it causes are often blamed for the unfortunate passing of loved ones.

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Write a 2 pages paper on reasons why smoking should be prohibited. Your first and (your (your Three Reasons Why Smoking Should Be Prohibited Smoking has been a part of American society from a long tim
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The second reason smoking should be prohibited is for health reasons of the non-smoker. It used to be very common to light up in a public place without worrying about the people around who could inhale the smoke from a cigarette. “Now, laws exist in several countries that provide for a designated smoking area to ensure the well-being of the non-smokers.” (Dept. of Health and Wellness, 2010) “Passive smokers include infants, with almost 900 babies experiencing low birth weight, sudden infant death syndrome and respiratory distress syndrome according to government surveys.” (Sifferlin, A., 2012) Inhaling smoke from a cigarette is as bad as smoking itself. Sometimes it is even worse because passive smoking does not choose a victim.

The third reason smoking should be prohibited is because it encourages bad spending practices. “A New Zealand website promoting healthy living states at the cost of cigarettes, a smoker can actually spend around $5,800 on a year’s daily pack of cigarettes.” (State Government of Victoria, 2012) Should a smoker give up this unhealthy habit, he or she would have enough money to spend on other meaningful items such as clothes, computers, food, schooling or savings.

The last attempt on discouraging smokers to light up is the Surgeon General’s move to include very graphic pictures of the harm smoking can bring to a person’s body. Still, smoking has continued to be a very much supported activity by both men and women and even young adults. As such, there is a much-needed reflection on what else the government can do to help keep society healthy by getting rid of smoking. Not only does the habit destroy a person’s body, but it also makes the person waste his or her money on something which brings him or his loved ones nothing good.


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