Write a 2 pages paper on leadership concepts and peculiarities. By virtue of being a leader of an institution which is as big as a school, one is entrusted with the capacity to oversee all the activities taking place which affect its running. Basically, leadership is concerned with the vision of the organisation and the leader should always be exemplary. Since the assistant principal has been accidentally injured, I will devote my time to attend to potential business partners who are likely to bring about positive change to the school bearing in mind that such a move will make my job relatively easier in the future. Indeed, I will extend my warm welcome to my partner in the Community Based Organisation (CBO) who will be bringing a potential funder to the Saturday Academy the following day. There is every need to meet this funder as a way of showing appreciation to this rare opportunity since he will need to catch the 11.30 am flight. Compared to attending the daughter’s basketball tournament, this opportunity to meet the potential funder will go a long way towards development of my career as both administrator and leader.

Indeed, there is every need to be devoted to work and show commitment especially during the period of crisis where the institution you are running is facing critical challenges such as budget cuts instead of choosing to pursue personal luxury activities which will leave you exposed once you miss the perfect opportunity of getting the much needed assistance. I will also take the opportunity to engage the parents who represent the graduation committee since these are very important stakeholders in the running of the school and cannot in any way object to their proposal but would happily give them a nod to engage the photographer. The occasion of graduation is historic such that it has to be recorded in true fashion.

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Write a 2 pages paper on leadership concepts and peculiarities. By virtue of being a leader of an institution which is as big as a school, one is entrusted with the capacity to oversee all the activi
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It can be suicidal to delegate my second assistant principal to attend to such important scheduled meetings as this would reflect a negative attitude of my leadership qualities. Such important business which affects the overall running of the institution requires the head to be present as this would show commitment to the school as well as reflect positive leadership traits. In this particular case, the issue of great concern to me is the need to get funding for the institution since this would make it relatively easier to run it. Almost all activities at school require some funding to ensure its smooth running.

The first three things I need to do as the principal include the following: instil discipline among students and members of staff, improve the pass rate as well as developing infrastructure. In every learning institution, discipline among the students and the teachers is the cornerstone of achieving the goals of the institution as well as ensuring its smooth running. When the students respect each other and the members of staff, it will be easier to control them and the chances of conflict will also be very low. It is often difficult to control rogue students hence the need to ensure that I instil discipline during my first days as the new principal of the school.

Being the principal, I will also work towards the improvement of both the students’ and teachers’ performance so as to achieve high pass rates. In most cases, the standard performance of the school is reflected through the pass rates of the school. These can be used as a measure to ensure that maximum effort is put towards the learning and teaching activities.

I will also aim to maintain as well as develop infrastructure in the school. A learning environment ought to be attractive in order to attract talented teachers who can impart their knowledge to the students. I will try to source funds from different well wishers and donors in order to be able to develop the infrastructure. I will expect to get moral as well as professional support from the coach so that I will diligently execute my duties. Whenever I encounter a problem that may be out of my capacity to handle it, I will always seek professional advice from the authorities above including the coach.

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