Write a 2 pages paper on job satisfaction in pharmacy. the daisy by the shadow it casts, protects the ling’ring dewdrop from the sun. Wordsworth As a pharmacist myself, I often hear the lip-service our employers stress about customer satisfaction and how it translates to more profits and more benefits for us. Being able to go out there and contribute for staff morale is a good sign of business and doing our share to return the compassion of taking care of our customers so we can serve them well into the future will do wonders for outlook in our job. This is backed by a research conducted by James Oakley, assistant professor of marketing at Purdue University, finding a link between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and improved financial performance of a company.

As an employee of PharmCare Express, I constantly see the technological changes, rising productivity demands and changing employee expectations daily. Through these changes, my attitude is constantly challenged to meet the tight aspects of the work by building on my inherent teamwork and unity and continuing to trust explicitly that my employers are here to support my endeavors 100% of the way. It is only up to me therefore to be accountable for the actions I exhibit in lieu to my job attitude. Furthermore, self-improvement is never a hindrance and continuing to learn through the various activities sponsored by the company to better me as employee should be a welcome respite from all the stress demands of the job. Learning and enjoying the job as a pharmacist should balance my work/life character as an employee.

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Write a 2 pages paper on job satisfaction in pharmacy. the daisy by the shadow it casts, protects the ling’ring dewdrop from the sun. Wordsworth As a pharmacist myself, I often hear the lip-service ou
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Being in PharmCare Express I should take advantage of the value-added experiences this company is eager to give me, their employee. As employees, it is our task then to currently emphasize what could happen if some of the techniques are adopted to address job-related issues instead of meeting it head-on with rumor mongering and other petty behavior We just might see a boost in morale on both sides of the counter.

The workplace is where we spend half of our time everyday and enjoying our job can spell a world of difference especially if we want to be happy all days of our lives. Pharmacy work can do this for us if we maximize the potentials of a seemingly boring work and turning it around to make it the most exciting job there is. Instead of viewing pharmacy job as a means to pay the bills, a change in our attitude of viewing it as a career with perks such as socialization, further learning and helping others will ultimately change the way we see pharmacy and how it can be enjoyable work for us.

First of all, empathizing and understanding our roles and responsibilities as well as our accountabilities to our company and to each other is not enough. Yes, we would have ready access to the resources we need to do our jobs with compassion and respect. Yes, we would be kept up to date on organizational developments, and management would listen to our suggestions and reports from the front lines. But in order to make pharmacy work enjoyable, input would have to be a great part of everyday operations. Perhaps most importantly, we the pharmacists can make this an enjoyable job if an attitude of respect is coupled with a sprinkle of wit and humor through organizations in the company that will utilize and recognize us for our character and what we do for the organization especially when we are not working in the counter.

It is therefore my responsibility to report for work with positive work ethics, and a cheerful outlook. It spreads contagiously and in more than one way, brightens up our days and that of everybody we come in contact with. Each and every decision we make should have the goal of being happy with our job and happy with ourselves at the core. The rest of the peripherals (employers and us employees) will follow suit.

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