Write a 2 pages paper on a framework for effective communication skills. A Framework for Effective Communication Skills

The article chosen for the study is “Clinical Development: A Framework for Effective Communication Skills”. The article had been written by Stephen J. Hamilton and David J. Martin in the year of 2007. The article focuses upon the ways through which the nurses can improve their communication skills when dealing with their patients by providing them a framework. The significance of effective communication skills in the field of nursing has been researched and identified since long. For instance, the patients can recover earlier than the normal duration if they are communicated with the ways that are followed by the hospitals to cure the diseases (Hamilton & Martin, 2007).

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Write a 2 pages paper on a framework for effective communication skills. A Framework for Effective Communication SkillsThe article chosen for the study is “Clinical Development: A Framework for Effec
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Communication Strategies

The article highlights numerous communication skills that can be used by the healthcare professionals. The communication with the patients can be done through listening, summarizing, questioning, paraphrasing, reflecting, setting induction and closure (Hamilton & Martin, 2007).

Communication Skill Framework

The communication skill framework tends to identify and complement the different, multi-dimensional as well as challenging roles that the nurses play in day-to-day healthcare activities. The framework focuses upon the five ‘Is’ such as interaction with the patient, developing the intention of the interaction, planning upon the kinds of intervention techniques used, evaluating the impact of such sorts of intervention and assessing the implication of the information that has been gathered and thus taking actions accordingly (Hamilton & Martin, 2007).

The article tries to focus upon the fact that it is significant for the nurses to communicate with the patients by making use of diverse skills in order to ensure the patients that the healthcare practitioners are there to help the patients both psychologically and physically taking into account the patient’s state of health. The article also tries to identify that the patients must be given chance to express their fears, worries, anxiety and concerns if any, so that the healthcare professionals are able to identify the root cause of the problems prevailing with the patient (Hamilton & Martin, 2007).

It is significant for the nurses to identify that providing the patients with information needs to be goal-directed activity. The intentions behind the interaction with the patients need to be identified. If such intentions can be identified by the practitioners then they will be capable of evaluating the efficiency of their contact with the patient. The article also focuses upon the fact that the nurses belonging to different grades along with disciplines possess ethical, professional as well as moral responsibilities through which they can spread their skills and knowledge to patients along with fellow professionals, friends and colleagues (Hamilton & Martin, 2007).

Use of Information in Article

The information provided in the article seems to be quite effective in understanding the role that communication plays in the healthcare planning. The information can be used for educating the nurses regarding the role of communication for the patients in the organization. The article has helped in identifying the fact that the communication process must flow among the doctors, technicians, nurse, counselors and the patients and their family so that the difficulties arising from miscommunication can be minimized to a great extent.


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