Write 9 pages thesis on the topic a comparative analysis using clerks and titanic. On the other hand, Titanic (1997) is a classic film that typifies high concept Hollywood cinema, contrasting greatly with the customary indie film.

One of the landmarks of an American independent film is the low-budget to satisfy production costs. Film directors are not well-established enough to put out large sums of money to pay for exotic locations or to damage a lot of material. A cost-efficient budge is necessary because often the money proceeds from the film director’s limited supply of funds or from unconventional funding. Characterizing American independent film Schamus summarizes that, “American independent scene is often stirred and inspired by tales of no-budget films – films made so cheaply that there is no significant economic risk involved in their production” (Schamus 1998, p. 98). Clerks (1994) is one such low-budget production costing as little as $27,575. However, this film gets off the ground. In the end, it generated over $3 million dollars in the USA. Kevin Smith independently financed this movie the capital which was earned from the sale of his prized comic book collection, his college education fund, loans from friends and family, and insurance money. Due to the financial constraints, Smith’s family acted in the roles of this film.

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Write 9 pages thesis on the topic a comparative analysis using clerks and titanic.
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Hollywood and American independent films vastly differ financially from one another with a high Hollywood budget and a firm foundation of investors. The sources of funds would usually come from a production company that already had millions of dollars for capital. The high-cost budget would be channeled toward paying professional actors and crew, distributors, and perks. For the production of Titanic (1997), director James Cameron sources almost $200 million dollars. However, in the end, he reaped an abundant harvest, grossing about $2 billion in profits worldwide, testifying that “the ties between high concept and marketing are numerous and strong” (Wyatt 1998, p. 109)

American independent films are done almost single-handedly by film directors. They write the scripts, orchestrate the scenes, and may even do some acting. Robert Rodriguez aka ‘One-man film crew’ stands as the paragon of directors of American independent film.&nbsp.His independent style of directing drives him to not only write the scripts but also to direct, edit sound, edit script, operate the camera, perform visual effects, and accomplish production designing.&nbsp.

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