Write 8 pages with APA style on Intelligence Testing of Ethnic Minority Children. Jorge Sánchez was born in Albuquerque town, New Mexico on the 4th of October 1906. At the childhood stage of life, his family frequently moved between Arizona and Albuquerque. The frequent movement was as a result of his father’s career as a miner of both gold and copper. The place that they lived at for long during his childhood was Jerome in Arizona. Jerome is a ghost town which was at that time commonly known as Clark’s copper mining town. During his childhood, he experienced people being subjected to inhuman treatment by a single industrial capitalist this capitalist subjected miners to constant suffering without even considering their agony. His family relocated back to Albuquerque after mining activities were discontinued at Jerome in the year 1921.

He attended an integrated school that had a mixture of Mexican, Anglo, Italian, Slavic, and children from other ethnic communities in Europe. It is believed that such an experience must have helped in shaping the ability of Sanchez to be of service to the public through advocating for the end of racial discrimination. Sanchez attained his secondary school education while at Albuquerque. While in high school, he was involved in numerous activities including dance promotions, jazz orchestras, and professional boxing. He graduated from high school when he was sixteen years old and immediately started his teaching career at a place that was a distance of about 65 miles from where his parents lived. He enrolled for admission at the University of New Mexico when he was seventeen years old. Because of his teaching career, he only went to university in the summer months. Sanchez finally graduated with honours in the year 1930. He then left New Mexico to go attend graduate school at the University of Texas. His primary interests in&nbsp.academics were educational evaluation and testing. After the completion of his master degree program at the University of Texas, he joined the graduate program in administration of education at the University of California.&nbsp.

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Write 8 pages with APA style on Intelligence Testing of Ethnic Minority Children.
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