Write 7 pages with APA style on Marketing Skills and Difficulties of a Marketing Manager. Leading a team of marketing professionals in different regions having diverse marketing professionals requires leadership qualities in the marketing manager. &nbsp.Leadership is something that allows an individual or an organization to lead. Leadership qualities are not just an asset for the individual, but it also helps other members of the team or the group. A number of researchers, scholars, and writers have come out with differing styles and behavioural aspects of leadership and relevant theories. Three key theories defining leadership skills are the trait theory, the style theory, and the contingency theory. The ‘trait theory’ talks about the traits or qualities of a leader. This theory is based on the assumption that the person is more important than the situation. Reithel and Finch’s (2007) suggest that the personality characteristics of an individual have an important role to play in developing leadership skills.

The task of a marketing manager is quite different from other managers in the organization. While other managers are more or less concentrated on managing the internal resources of the company, the marketing manager is supposed to have HR skills together with an ability to assess the potential of the market for its products. The marketing manager is supposed to have a market orientation as well. Payne (1988) states that the development of management traits holds the key to the installation of market orientation, while other activities play a supporting role. Smith (2008) states that management as such has become a far more democratic process today with managers required to win the trust of staff, suppliers, customers, shareholders and a host of other stakeholders. This, in turn, signifies that an effective manager is supposed to have a leading edge in deciding about a number of issues.

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Write 7 pages with APA style on Marketing Skills and Difficulties of a Marketing Manager.
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