Write 7 pages thesis on the topic theories of migration and european immigration. Seeking to explore immigration policies with respect to asylum seekers and refugees from a comparative perspective, this paper proposes to analyze two different theories concerning refugee theories of migration and will undertake a comprehensive case study of refugee migration to the European Union. While differing examples of migration in history will be peppered throughout this analysis, our case study will explore the topical and contemporary theme of refugee migration to Europe. Arguing that refugee migration to the European Union is an example of the “core and periphery” theory of immigration, we will explore this phenomenon and explain how the EU has responded to this recent influx of refugee migrants seeking a better life on the shores of the European continent. Accordingly, this essay will ask, how has the Dublin convention helped to share the responsibility for refugee protection in Europe? We now turn to a concise overview of the primary theories of migration, the “push and pull” argument and the “core/periphery theory”.

Migration is an important issue that is gaining increasing attention in an era of economic interdependence and globalization. Why do people choose to migrate from one place to another? This question has confounded theorists for more than a century and Ernest Ravenstein sought to answer this question in the late 19th century. Accordingly, his “Laws of Migration” emphatically argued that international migration was the result of a push and pull process, meaning that unfavorable living conditions in one place would “push” people out while favorable conditions in another location would “pull” people in. From his analysis of British census data from the 1880s, Ravenstein discerned that external economic opportunities were the most important cause for external migration and that the volume of migration decreased as the distance from point “A” to point “B” increases. Although quite illuminating when it was first published, Ravenstein’s theoretical&nbsp.analysis of the social underpinnings for migration has been challenged as being irrelevant.

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Write 7 pages thesis on the topic theories of migration and european immigration.
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