Write 6 pages with APA style on The Role of Social Networking Websites for Business Enterprise. The first type of social networking was Electronic mail (Email) which was invented in the year 1975. This application allowed the sending and receiving digital messages through a computer network. Each social networking site offers unique features. The social networking concept did not become popular until the year 2003 when social networking websites like Friendster, LinkedIn and MySpace were launched. In the year 2004, Facebook was launched but with certain restrictions. Facebook was accessible only to college students until the year 2006 (Shih 2009). These social communities are built on the features of Web 2.0 technology. a platform for a social website which allows a group of web applications to provide the ideological and technological basis for social networking websites and allows the web to exchange and design the user-generated content. Social networking websites are very informative and also help in finding locations of shops, restaurants, universities, banks etc. These websites facilitate communications between friends and relatives and help in improving the creativity skills of an individual by sharing opinions, stories, pictures and music.

Social networking websites have benefitted teenagers, youth, school children and business enterprises. It has transformed the process of communication. Social networking websites have become very mobile and can be accessed through gadgets like cellular phones, tablets etc. The use of social networking websites increased with the innovation of gadgets. Access of these websites from the cellular phone unlocks the full potential of social network and makes it more convenient for people to use them. Since it is more convenient to access through cell phones and other gadgets, the number of users of cellular phones and social networking has increased significantly. Let us discuss the benefits associated with the usage of social networking websites. The social networking websites help in sharing of knowledge and spreading of information more than any other&nbsp.websites.

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Write 6 pages with APA style on The Role of Social Networking Websites for Business Enterprise.
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