Write 6 pages with APA style on In What Ways is Genre portrayed in The Sopranos. Nevertheless, the most notable feature and theme in the series is the presence of women’s power and gender balance as presented by the women in Tony’s life. In the series, masculinity is seen to be weaker and feminism stronger. Postmodern and cultural changes seen clearly in the series (Jameson, 2011, 22).

Traditionally the role of women is known to be weak and powerless in society and family level. Women were required to respect men and to adhere to all the needs of men and children. However, in the series “the sopranos” women depicted in a powerful way and most of them affect the main character Tony directly. As a result, this affects Tony’s decision and emotions with regard to his mafia job. “I don’t hate you, Michael, I dread you”. She obviously had a valid reason for her “dread” since at the end of the movie, Mary their daughter saves her father. In the soprano, women like Carmela Soprano, Livia, Janice, and meadow present considerable influence with regard to gender.

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Write 6 pages with APA style on In What Ways is Genre portrayed in The Sopranos.
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Tony’s mother, Livia, presents the first influence. According to Tony, Livia was responsible for turning Tony’s father into a “squeaking’ little gerbil” prior t his death. Livia’s importance can be seen through her persistence in achieving her goals and objectives. women often overlooked in gangster scenes, especially a mother. Nevertheless, Livia ensures this does not take place. Carmela, Tony’s wife is also a very influential human in Tony’s life, even though she overlooked the queer behavior of Tony. However, she does not allow threats at her home, children, or even to herself. In addition, she does not allow people to affect her personally. For instance, she confronts her confessor father Phil for playing with her feelings and emotions. She is a strong woman and advocates doing anything to safeguard her family. She ensures the society and her family view her as an equal to Tony.

Meadow Tony’s daughter also had a strong influence on her father. Meadow was in a relationship with a half African-American half-Jewish man. Tony did not accept the relationship, and she was afraid on behalf of her daughter. Nevertheless, the meadow was persistent and insisted on staying on the relationship. This shows how the women in the soprano were strong-willed and had an influence on men, especially on Tony. The series presents the power of women and how Tony the main character is affected emotionally. He is forced to put his family first and give in to their demands. For instance, when meadow demands a car from her father, Tony gives her the car he won through a gambling debt. After discovering what her father had done, she disowned him.&nbsp.

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