Write 6 pages thesis on the topic what impact did the protestant reformation have on visual arts. The church reformation started only as a religious movement led by Martin Luther and other religious activists together with Huldreich Zwingli and John Calvin. This movement later led to the differences that resulted in the separation of the Church.

In the sixteenth century, the division in the Catholic Church caused changes, in the church, and the country at large. This was due to the strong belief that most catholic followers had in their doctrine. Despite the unity of the Catholic believers, the reformers group led by Luther differed and caused the division. This was referred to as reformation. Because of this division, there was a disconnection amongst the people. The north region was occupied by the Protestants while in the South were the Catholic believers.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic what impact did the protestant reformation have on visual arts.
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The main conflict was the designing and use of the image of Jesus Christ. According to the laws which were ideally against God’s commandments of making another image of worship. However, the disagreement on the use of these images to worship differed from one person to another. This is because some completely opposed the use of the images in the church. On the other hand, some opposed using these images, while others tolerated used them in the Church so long as they were not worshipped. That is they were kept in the church as figures of remembrance, for instance, the images of Peter repenting. The doctrinal difference continually caused a serious separation in Europe with the evidence of religious pluralism (Unwin, 1996).

The reformation group chiefly started after Martin Luther his thoughts on the Catholic doctrine and the way of worship. He felt that the Church should focus on liberal worship rather than the traditional Roman Catholic way of worship. The grievances by Martin Luther were called the Ninety-five theses. He posted them on the entrance of the church so as to be noticed and read by the Clergy and all people. His main interest was to reach the Pope who was the head of the Roman faith (Unwin, 1996). After the pope had gone through the thoughts of Martin Luther, he realized that they were not in agreement. The pope later disagreed on some of the writings of Martin Luther. Later on, the pope highlighted his opinion on the posting of the protestant (Unwin, 1996). What followed were replied between the two which were not in agreement.

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