Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the decameron island resort: the physical and environmental features of the island. The Decameron Island Resort conservation campaign includes the proper recycling and disposal of waste. The resort implements bulk purchasing to minimize excessive packaging. Organic waste composed of food debris and scraps is recycled longer as it is sorted, weighed, pureed, aerated and composted. Treated wastewater is re-injected into the natural environment through an artesian system. (Lim, 2007). Recycling is carefully achieved through a complete program where all recyclable materials are collected, sorted, packed, compacted and shipped to the mainland for recycling. Non-recyclable wastes are sent to the mainland. Following international standards, for its waste disposal system, the resort uses three different types of the bin for the disposal of organic, recyclable and non-recyclable waste. (Lim, 2007) The resort implemented a strict pest management policy. It has taken an effective approach to pest management by addressing mosquito and cane toad management. Pest management also covers the identification of pest species and natural predators. It also includes identifying specific solutions that are not harmful to the local environment. During peak seasons, the resort uses expensive chemical treatments. Modern technology is used for sewerage treatment by the Decameron Island Resort to ensure the maximum treatment and minimum impact of wastes. Decameron Resort uses specific natural processes in its sewerage treatment. For example, for collecting sewerage, vacuum sewer pipes are utilized to collect and transport sewerage from the resort area to the collection areas. Native vegetation was replanted around the resort to foster a natural environment. For instance, the resort accommodation cabins utilized unique indigenous designs, materials and colours which enhance the existing landscape of the environment. Specially designed and installed walkways have been installed for the protection of the local environment. The Decameron Resort has helped to restore several plant species: varieties of ferns, native flowers, swamp orchids and rainforest trees.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the decameron island resort: the physical and environmental features of the island.
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