Write 6 pages thesis on the topic family stress checklist. This would most appropriate if used to examine the child’s behavior (Schmitt and Carroll, 2005).

The family stress checklist for the child would include several domains such as. the history of the childhood care, perception and attitudes regarding the child, the child’s discipline as well as the parent’s stress level due to the child’s behavior. This process calls for some care of the history of review of the parents and their present behavioral and emotional situation. It would help to have the clinical judgment of the child.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic family stress checklist. This would most appropriate if used to examine the child’s behavior (Schmitt and Carroll, 2005).The family stress checklist for the child wou
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In this psychological interview, the psychologist would need to evaluate the level of care given to the child. This would help to know if there is any further regular care provided for the child. Also required for evaluation is whether there is any kind of informal care assistance offered such as assistance when bathing, transportation to and from school, household chores, dressing, and school paperwork.

Informal care means the care provided for a child or family member who has a challenge of disability or even ill. Some of the questions the psychologist would ask the family members include questions such as: How much stress do you experience while administering care to the child? This would help in investigating the amount of stress caused by the child to the family members and how they deal with this stress within themselves and the family members(Schmitt and Carroll, 2005).

This program evaluates the possible belief regarding the ability of the child to improve. This is based on development and validation scales. It helps in evaluating parental believes in the influence of the child as it increases with age, external factors such as influence and chance as it greater among some parents than others depending on their cultural background as well as parental influence belief which goes down with severity of the condition or sickness.

According to Fawcett and Neukrug (2006). According to Fawcett and Neukrug (2006). This includes Psychoeducational profile which provides some developmental approach towards the evaluation of the child and related developmental disorders. This approach offers information regarding information on the child’s developmental functioning in perception, communication, social affective behavior, practical abilities, imitation, cognitive performance, and areas of cognitive verbal.

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