Write 5 pages with APA style on The Ingenious Design of Discovery Green in Houston Texas. Discovery Green is a combination of recreational and natural features in an urban space. Its designers, Hargreaves Associates, wanted to include as many natural elements as possible, and this included a lake, native trees as well as plant species that embodied Downtown Houston’s indigenous characteristics. Even the grasses planted on its lawns reflected this objective (ArchDaily 13).

On the other hand, its designers also wanted to provide patrons with unique recreational spaces. For this reason, they utilized different architectural structures. They created a performance stage in which reverends could enjoy various concerts on occasion. Stone seats are available right near the edge of the lake and a café building is also present. The café was meant to serve economic as well as functional purposes as it would be a source of income for maintenance of the park while at the same time host visitors interested in a few refreshments or a filling meal.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on The Ingenious Design of Discovery Green in Houston Texas.
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It is particularly interesting to note that the architects of the park had several hurdles to overcome while making the structure. The park was to be built on a sloppy area which had previously been used as a parking lot. This would have been a huge barrier and irritant if Hargreaves Associates did not think of creative ways of using the space. The group worked around the problem by creating an amphitheater that would meet both functional and aesthetic needs. The public could use it for entertainment purposes or performances and at the same time, the structure would camouflage the sloppiness of the terrain.

The architects also found resourceful ways of adding fun&nbsp.and delight to the area by working with modern equipment. For instance, they interwove a series of water jets at the interactive fountain.&nbsp.

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