Write 5 pages with APA style on The Dissolution of Marriage by a Court Judgment or Accepted Customs. However, there is much more to domestic violence than visible signs. For intimate partners, emotional violence can include humiliation, forced isolation, and loss of control over finances. The abuser may drive recklessly or make threats with weapons to scare the victim. He or she may also try to control the victim with intense jealousy, call the victim degrading names, and sexually harass or rape the victim. Domestic violence has become a global issue. it affects families around the world. The violence may begin small with a push, a slap, or a kick. If the violence escalates the consequences can be deadly (Karen, 2).

Infidelity can be devastating to a marriage. Infidelity literally means unfaithfulness or disloyalty. It is the breaking of a vow or a promise. An affair is defined as an illicit amorous relationship or liaison. Infidelity and trust issues frequently take place together and can have a major impact on the choice to separate or divorce. Cheating is defined as depriving someone of something expected. Cheating can bring about mistrust and feelings of dissatisfaction in a marriage. It can also bring about insecurity in a marriage. When trust is lost due to infidelity, one or both partners may have difficulty moving past the betrayal. Loss of trust can also stem from lying, stealing, jealousy, or flirting (Ayra, 2).

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Write 5 pages with APA style on The Dissolution of Marriage by a Court Judgment or Accepted Customs.
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Addictions take a financial and emotional toll on families. There different forms of addiction such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling as well as sexual addictions. Time and again, the partner who is an addict declines to acknowledge the consequences of his addiction to the family and opts not to put an end to his or her unhealthy behavior. Usually, this leads to marital stress and, in the end, divorce or separation. Some additions might take the attention of the person away from the spouse thus he or she does not have time for his or her partner or put a financial strain on the family because the addict prefers to use the money to satisfy his cravings instead of taking care of the needs of the family. Drugs often cause people to do things they would not do if they were rational and free of the influence of drugs (Patrick, 2).

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