Write 5 pages with APA style on Looking for Social Justice: Welfare States and Beyond. The paper debates how inequality is contested and what the demands of social justice are. There are many movements that are given as examples to support the topic.

The welfare state is the concern of every society and inventing a welfare state is the responsibility of politics, policies, and resources. The demands of a welfare state are equality, justice, and security. But at most of the times, an ideal welfare society or social justice cannot be maintained as they are bound of place and time. So there are compromises and settlements made in regards to letting the system of the social work. There are different kinds of populations in a society like rich and poor. Not every society has the same needs and demands thus the concept works and lies within the society. It depends on the society but it may not fit a welfare state as a welfare state demands much more than just justice. When inequality exceeds its limits then the term used is an exclusion. It is when society becomes so unjust that groups do not even get considered as a part.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Looking for Social Justice: Welfare States and Beyond.
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The chapter answers questions that arise about social justice. The notions of social justice are based on two concepts, well-being, and harm. Both of them affect the meaning of social justice and they are applied to a welfare state too. They frame the welfare state and crime control. The writer discusses the relationship between the well-being harm and social justice and talks about capabilities and capacities that are engaged to shape individuals, communities and social groups. Care is another factor involved as it fulfills the functions of the well-being of society.

Thus care and harm are opposition and are discussed in the chapter on contrasts. Care is associated with both welfare state and social justice. The chapter also discusses the harm and crime that is made at the work areas and explains it well with examples. The injustice made at work needs justice, making workplaces safe, regulating labor problems, labor mobilization, and making work suitable according to gender. The chapter also involves the context of struggling for justice in terms of work and the welfare of the employers and employee.

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