Write 5 pages with APA style on Ancient Egypt Architecture, Interiors, Items of Furniture, and Decorative Arts. In the case of burial places or tombs, they believed that if the body was destroyed, then the soul would be destroyed along with it, and this encouraged the construction of tombs using stone. On the other hand, mud bricks were used for the construction of the palaces of the monarchs, fortresses, as well as the less significant buildings of the temple complexes. While building pyramids, their core used to be made of the stone that could already be found in the area as the rest of the structure was built from limestone, which was brought to the construction site from quarries a considerable distance away. The houses of the common people tended to be constructed using mud that was collected from the Nile and after being left out to dry in the sun in molds. After these had hardened, they were then used in buildings, making them the cheapest material for construction that could be afforded by the commoners (“Brick” 1). The mud bricks that were made tended to be highly durable and some of the buildings in which they were used can still be found standing today.

Because of the fact that many of the villages and towns of this state were situated in areas that were close to those used for cultivation, many did not survive for long periods. The reason for this is that the cultivated areas tended to be close to the Nile River, and the annual flooding tended to bring down such constructions. Moreover, the occupants of villages, most of whom were peasants tended to break down their brick structures and use them as fertilizer when planting their crops. While quite a number of constructions have survived to the current age, some of them are not easy to get to because newer modern buildings have been constructed above them, hence making them inaccessible (“Egypt to Tear Down “). Those, which are accessible are the ones that were built on high ground, where the floodwaters could not reach them.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Ancient Egypt Architecture, Interiors, Items of Furniture, and Decorative Arts.
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