Write 5 pages with APA style on Advantages of the constitutional system of the United States.

Such anomaly in law can be answered only when there is a practical guide who helps identify the basis of all laws formulated.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Advantages of the constitutional system of the United States.
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Being a developed country, there is bound to be a shift in government from time to time. In contrast to a monarchy, it ensures that there is change in the ruling government after every fixed period. However, each government has its own notions and ways of working. Therefore, whenever there is a shift in government, the policies which it follows is bound to change and as such new legislation is introduced time and again.

This poses a great threat to the American population, because the “greatest good for the greatest number” theory is bound to hurt somebody’s rights and interests. To jeopardize even a single person’s rights is to question a whole systematized form of governance. To check this illegal infringement, the constitution in its written form is a policing authority which safeguards the extent of change that can be brought about.

Whatever is a written word is not easily erased off the face of an independent nation’s bill of rights.

To be written is to be laid and accepted. To alter any such stance any individual or body will need to follow due procedure followed by law. This entails a lot of questions and answers about the new alterations, making the entire procedure tedious and hectic and thus affording no scope for unnecessary intrusion.

Being a world power, the US will in all probability have one form of tiff with one country or another from time to time. The written constitution helps define the extent of the rights recognized by such state and limits of both national as well as state authority.

The constitution holds the authority and declares the United States as a republic, free from all encumbrances of any sort.

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