Write 5 pages thesis on the topic systematic functional grammar that involves the of a language. The SFG involves studying a language as a form of networks of systems or sets of related events, which gives different options in providing the meaning. This implies that one word can be used in grammar and gives out different meanings without bringing confusion. Different word classes in grammar give different meanings when used in any literature hence provide the basis of SFG (Heine and Narrog, 2010 p. 214). Different people give different meanings to one word not because they are using the best or alternative words, but as a result of language acquisition. This leads to giving a different meaning to certain words without necessarily considering them. Language acquisitions involve expressing deep meaning and acquiring the functions that an individual can perform with human language. However, language acquisition has come with many problems, such as defining communicative competence and investigating the content (Chapelle, 1998: Klerk, 2009 p.40). Therefore, it is tough for one to assign one particular meaning to one word since words are linked differently, making them have varied meanings.

The term “function” has been used in the literature to give different meanings depending on the text. According to SFG, the term refers to the classes of words and structures of higher units. This implies that the word work in the larger context of giving the whole meaning of the phenomenon as presented in wherever context it has been used (Locke, 2010 p.210). In this aspect, it has been used to relate to the system, directly linked to discreet, identifiable constituents in the language. This has distinguished it from the traditional grammatical analysis where one word could be assumed to mean having a similar meaning in the general context. The word “function” has been used to make the grammar flow by using it to analyze and give meaning to the phrase being communicated.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic systematic functional grammar that involves the of a language.
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