Write 5 pages thesis on the topic dance of religion and politics in american culture. As stated by Sunstein, the US government should allow a greater power to the citizens in order to promote the opportunity of free speech (2-10). The book also suggests that freedom of speech and expression is the concept that provides an opportunity to express oneself freely in front of the society. Correspondingly, freedom can be expressed through word of mouth or contrarily, it can be expressed through literature, art, and medium of communication among others (Sunstein 2-10).

The book titled “Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech” provides a fundamental understanding of democracy and problems that are associated with free speech in the US. In the modern era, democracy and right of free speech have emerged as the most essential factors for citizens of modern civilization. The term ‘democracy’, as defined in the book, refers to a co-operating system of the US government, which is generally established by the people of an entire civilization or by eligible members of a state or nation. Democracy can also be defined as a typical system through which, a state or nation chooses its leaders or representatives so that different operations conducted within the US are managed as well as controlled on the basis of desired standards. As observed by Sunstein, several countries have emphasized towards democracy and freedom of speech in order to develop social deliverance. In this regard, social movements are developed with the aim of promoting the political campaign through media (Medhurst 195-212). Similarly, several nations have been observed to be involved in political campaigns in order to choose better leaders and accordingly, emphasized towards the free &nbsp.&nbsp.speech. It has been identified that the promotion of political campaign with the assistance of advertisement, celebrity endorsement and debate among others assists in enhanced functioning of democracy.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic dance of religion and politics in american culture.
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