Write 4 pages with APA style on Health / AIDS / pandemics in the region of Latin America. Consequently, a gradual drop in the cases of the disease has been witnessed in recent years. Contrarily, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS remains high in countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, and Costa Rica.1

The future of treatment strategies for HIV/AIDS in this region seems promising. The Latin America region represents one of the areas where treatment strategies for HIV/AIDS are at 75%. However, with the increasing access to better medication, the rate is expected to rise to 80% in the future. The Latin American countries are trying their best to implement the WHO’s 2013 Treatment Guidelines due to lack of enough funds and poor treatment planning. Beneficial programs, such as provision of condoms, public education, and other sensitization measures are being incorporated into the region for purposes of reducing HIV/AIDS prevalence in the region. 2

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Write 4 pages with APA style on Health / AIDS / pandemics in the region of Latin America.
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The impact of HIV/AIDS can be viewed from both an economic and political viewpoint. A high prevalence rate of the disease normally leads to a slow economic growth since it reduces the amount of human labor and governments invest heavily to control the pandemic. For instance, a large number of people living in the Latin America region are contracting the disease on an annual basis. People suffering from the disease are not only capable of working, but also require extensive medical attention. Consequently, this leaves a small pool of skilled workers to execute vital duties. It is noteworthy that the disease mostly affects women. hence, the sectors, which are gender specific, suffer the most.3

HIV/AIDS has a negative impact on the stability and security of a nation. It normally starts on a small scale, but it usually escalates beyond unmanageable proportions. For instance, the disease hurts social institutions, such as family setups, education, and healthcare systems.

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