Write 4 pages thesis on the topic what causes(drug) addiction, and what is the best approach to counteract it. in psychology and psychological research have ultimately only added fuel to the fire and provided arguments for and against each approach (Verster et al., 2012). Within such an understanding and definition, the reader can come to an appreciable level of understanding that realizing the effect that individual genes have upon defining and explicating a degree of future probability and predisposition is a vital component of understanding human psychology to a more actionable degree. However, the impact of genes notwithstanding, addiction has definitively been defined as either affecting an individual physically or affecting them psychologically. or affecting them in both ways (Isorna et al., 2010). As a function of this level of realization, the following analysis will deal with addiction from both its hereditary standpoint as well as the psychological elements that factor into it.

Firstly, scientists have recently been introduced to the possibility that genetic predisposition can have a powerful impact upon the propensity of an individual to be addicted to any particular substance (Kausar & Kiani, 2011). This genetic predisposition, and the potential existence thereof, is with regards to fact that an increased chance of addiction exists. not a predetermined assumption that addiction will be evidenced within the life of the individual. For those stakeholders that face an increased risk of addiction as a result of hereditary factors, the medical community has most commonly approached this problem from the standpoint of drug intervention and other pharmacological means of engagement with the patient (Hostetler & Ryabinin, 2012). Whereas it is true that counseling and other forms of non-chemical intervention are applied in these cases, the overall potential for these interventions to succeed in such cases is drastically diminished as compared to those cases in which psychological addiction is evidenced.

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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic what causes(drug) addiction, and what is the best approach to counteract it.
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