Write 23 pages thesis on the topic presentation of annual budget for the city of avalon county of los angeles state of california. The process of preparing and presenting a budget for approval and adoption by the Council administration takes various steps. A proper estimate of the available resources with the estimated amounts and the purposes for which the funds are to be deployed effectively are the main considerations for the preparation of any budget. The formal budgetary process encompasses a structure involving the following essential components:

The complexity of the budget review process depends on the size of the council for which the budget is being prepared. In some cases, the budget responsibilities would be assigned to a chief executive officer for reviewing the requests and present them to the elected board for approval. When the unit is large there may be a separate budget office functioning within the council. In even larger City councils apart from the review by the budgetary office departmental budgets would be prepared and reviewed for appropriate provisions in respect of the individual departments. In the case of the City of Avalon, the City Manager and his office will be responsible for the preparation and presentation of the budget for the approval of the elected council members.

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Write 23 pages thesis on the topic presentation of annual budget for the city of avalon county of los angeles state of california.
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Being a small town, there is no necessity to follow an elaborate budgetary process. The process broadly will follow the procedure outlined above and will be reviewed by the elected council members themselves for approval and adoption.

3.0 Strategic Goals and Key Performance Indicators:

The administration of the City Councils has become the function of the elected representatives as well as the appointed officials who have to operate in unison with each other’s ideas. If they start to function in tangential directions, it will be detrimental to the well being of the city dwellers, as no welfare measures can be undertaken without the concerted action of both these bodies. In order that the mission, vision, and value of the city can be accomplished in all intent it is important to adopt certain strategic planning measures encompassing the performance of the city council or the county board as the case may be. Like in any other profit-centered organization, the strategic planning helps to set the direction of the council and with the set directions, the elected street-level bureaucrats are motivated to perform at their best efficiency levels to organize the functions and activities of the Council in the direction of the welfare of the people of the City. The establishment of long-term objectives and goals is an essential pre-requisite of any strategic planning. Once the broader goals are established it becomes easier to break down them into smaller performance targets to be achieved by the appointed officials and the representatives.

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