Write 22 pages with APA style on Design a multi-story reinforced concrete office building. The building is to consist of a 30 people meeting suite/conference, a restaurant, different sizes common room on the 3 floors of the building. Ground floor will consist of, conference room, restaurant, common room and all services associated. The remaining unused floor is aimed for facilities of leisure. 3.0 General Approach The general approach taken is to obtain the architecture of an office building:- Acquiring design of an office architecture of a multi-storey building basically adopted in the construction design (Alheyad, 2008). . Structural system establishment of the floors from the ground to first, second and third floor Foundation type, column design and system of resisting wind will be affected by taking into consideration the architectural drawings 4.0 Requirements for design Client’s requirements: The ground floor is to have: a reception, conference/meeting rooms, common room and entertainment room, a restaurant, and associated services. The remainder of the floor is to be occupied by the swimming pool. The main building is to include a small scale conference/meeting suite of a maximum 30 persons, a restaurant, a common room, as well as lodging. The minimum clear height for the ground floor is set to be3.0 m. The minimum spacing of vertical structural elements within the ground floor is to be 6.0 m. Access to bedrooms at the 1st and 2nd floor and the 3rd floor is by lifts or staircases located at the centre and end of the floors. The 1st and 2nd floor are different size offices with central access corridors. The floor upon completion will have a soffit height at the 1st and the 2nd floor of a minimum of 3.0 m in the floors and 3.6m in corridors, in addition to services allowance. All servicing plant including water tanks, heating boilers and lift mechanisms are to be located on top of the stair/lift towers at the ends of the building. Car parking of 450m^2is to be set near the hostel at ground level over an area of approximately 450 m2. There is need for allowance for future adjustments in demand for different types of services. This is achieved through structural arrangement not compromising the ability to adjust the width and mix of room compartments, though the central corridor arrangement will not be altered as per the client decision. A fire resistance period of 2hrs is to be put in the building. The building is to be exposed to XC-1 environment. Building requirements analysis The two-hour fire resistance requirement is vital in for the structural elements design of the building. According to Euro code 2, for two-hour fire resistance, the minimum width of a beam is 200 mm. The XC-1 environment that the building is exposed to implies the structure is always exposed to water or is dry. To attain this condition a minimum cement 240 kg/m3 for exposure to XC-1 together with a ratio of 0.07 environmental conditions. The set minimum cover for XC-1 environment is cmin = 15 m .This is calculated using the equation Cnom = Cmin + ?C, where Cnom is the nominal cover. (Eurocode 2). 5.

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Write 22 pages with APA style on Design a multi-story reinforced concrete office building.
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