Write 2 pages thesis on the topic animal euthanasia. Animal euthanasia Human beings are like any other animal. As a result, a gap should not exist between them and other animals in terms of treatment. This has been the basis of animal rights campaigns and is a valid opinion. This paper seeks to respond to issues that relate to animal rights.

Response to humane animal euthanasia

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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic animal euthanasia. Animal euthanasia Human beings are like any other animal. As a result, a gap should not exist between them and other animals in terms of treatment.
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Euthanasia defines painless termination of life with a good intent. It is normally applied when an animal is in pain or any other form of suffering that can only be relieved by death. The article, ‘Euthanasia’, as was published by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals approves euthanasia as a better approach to terminating miserable lives of animals. The best solution, according to the article, is however to control the animals’ birth rate for a sustainable population size. The main reason for this opinion is that available shelters for the animals are limited. As a result, animals, especially the overpopulated dogs and cats in their old age, have to be let out of the shelters. Since this action endangers the lives of the animals to suffering and painful death, it is better to apply euthanasia because the method is fast and painless (Peta, 2012).

I agree with the main argument of the article that the animals are supposed to be protected from pain and suffering. As a result, controlling their population to a sustainable number by the available shelter is the best alternative. Since this has not been achieved, a painless death is a better alternative to letting the animals wander in the fields in suffering until their death. My opinion is informed by the idea of animals’ rights that equivalently values the plight of animals as that of human beings. Like humans, the animals are psychological and recognize utility and pain. As a result, reducing their pain during death is a suitable way of respecting their right (Regan, n.d.).

Response to questions

My desire to work for PETA Asia-Pacific is based on my love for animals and the desire to achieve a reasonable respect for their lives. This has been driven by my historical resentment over suffering that animals are subjected to through activities such as hunting, scientific research and neglect (Regan, n.d.).

I would excel in this position because of my internal motivational factors that would drive me to success. Having been seeking an opportunity to pursue my dream as an animal rights campaigner and based on my academic qualification for organizing and managing campaigns, I have the confidence that will boost my efficiency (Regan, n.d.).

I am particularly interested in the position of campaigns manager or campaigns assistant because either of the positions would give me the best opportunity as an effective campaign driver (Regan, n.d.).

PETA Asia—Pacific’s philosophy, campaigns and tactics have been sufficient in the sense that they are recognized among the public. They have however not been effective because little regard has been accorded to animals’ rights despite campaigns (Peta, 2012).

My academic qualification and volunteer experience in animal rights’ campaigns and research and editorial writing in animal rights has accorded me sufficient experience as a campaigner as well as close contacts with celebrities and government agencies for campaign support. I am therefore the best candidate for this position of campaigns assistant.


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