Write 18 pages with APA style on Theology of Redemption and the Christian Liberty. The paper tells that in the course of the storey of humanity, persons, regardless of time and place, have been plagued by three important concerns. The first concern is ‘where did I come from?’ while the second question is ‘what is happening now?’ and finally the third concern is ‘what will happen to me in the future?. In effect, in this continuum of questions, uncertainty marks each query. As such, humanity’s quest for answers to these issues, often gnat at their being, because most wants to remove the dread and anguish towards the unknown future as they have trekked the masked past and the uncertain present. In this regard, all types of religion try to assuage the trepidation and angst of the future by unveiling the future, “practically all religions have developed a way of looking into the future”. This knowledge they impart in order to help humanity take the path that will help them avoid grief and uncertainty. In this context, Christianity bears witness to the truism that “God has spoken in the past to our ancestors through the prophets, in many different ways, although never completely. but in our times he has spoken definitively to us through his Son”. Through the Son, Christianity affirms the key truth of faith “Yes, God so love the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him may not be lost but may have eternal life”. In light of this, the research will be dealing with one of the most important aspect of Christian faith – Redemption in connection with Christian liberty. Background of the Study The contemporary period is marked by radical changes that continuously transform not only society, but also the way humanity perceived life, meaning, relationship and human nature (Ortega-Villasenor, 2004). The continued deconstruction of traditional values, norms, interpretations, meanings and beliefs should empower humanity to be freed from the limits of the institutions and structures permeating the world of man (Johnson 12). Some of these radical changes include globalization, rapid developments and advancements in science and technology and the increasing challenge of global environmental challenge. Globalization is the breaking of the barriers in trade among nations, paving for a freer movements of goods, services, people, capital and even values, traditions and way of life (Coatsworth 38). This is dynamic in view of the fact that it does not only affect the economic life and structures of the global society, but its influence pervades almost all facets of human encounters in the modern period, thus, making globalization one of the most powerful vector of change in the modern period (Suarez-Orozco and Qin-Hilliard 25). In the same manner, rapid advancements and developments in science and technology re-structure the arena where people encounter, interact and undertake actions. In this regard, the contemporary human condition is characterised by the interconnection and continued interrelation between the human-social dimension and information- computer technological advancements. Thus, existing socio-technological systems are the venue for “the interaction between society’s complex infrastructures and human behaviour. Within this concept, society itself and most of its substructures are complex socio-technical systems” (Stranks, 100). Meanwhile, biomedical innovations have created the condition wherein extension of human life span has been achieved as medicine has become capable of curing and preventing number of diseases (Ehni and Marckmann 985). This has created the attribute known as super-mediatic world. This means that the world is right on the tip of our fingers. One push of buttons, things are done, connections are made and communications are relayed.

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Write 18 pages with APA style on Theology of Redemption and the Christian Liberty.
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